The Fall of Man


The Bridge, Episodes 5-8

***May Contain Spoilers***

Oh Martin, no! How disappointing. All it takes is for a bird to lop off their wig and touch your hand and you’re anybody’s, it seems. Even slightly creepy Charlotte.  And after knocking up your wife with twins as well. Tut, tut.

So it was Martin’s turn to have a bit of a frolic this week, perhaps out of jealousy that his son was staying with Saga. Though they didn’t have sex, as she clarified to the entire murder squad, just to avoid any awkwardness. Personally, I could’ve done without Martin’s marital difficulties but I’m enjoying the way Saga’s character is developing. Her little white lie to Anja in the hospital was especially touching. We also got to find out a little more about her background, with a tragic bit of backstory made all the more poignant by her matter of fact rendition of it. It will be interesting to see how her relationships develop with both Martin and Anton in the final episodes.

The plot moved on very rapidly in these episodes but there was a subsequent loss of the tension that the writers have managed to create so well in the first few episodes. To be honest, I felt these episodes were just a bit flabby with too many characters and scenarios introduced, then just thrown away without proper development.  In part, this might be down to watching all four in a big, hungover lump but we’re a boxset generation and that’s how many, even most, people watch things.  Both the schizophrenic and the immigrant killings seemed a bit wasted and would’ve been better served with a couple of episodes each of a proper build up.  12 or 15 episodes might have worked better but we’ll see how things come together in the end.

The moments of real tension we did see just served to highlight what was missing elsewhere: Anja, wandering in the car park; Stefan in the flat with a corpse while Martin hammers at the door. Fair play to Stefan though – ironing always makes me feel like that, too.  The idea of the children being held to ransom until members of the pubic set fire to various companies was interesting and fresh, but again, rushed through and squandered.

I was totally confused as the ending of episode 8 was drawing nigh as I had it in my head that there were only eight episodes in the series.  The cop suspect turned out to be just a common or garden variety sexual predator and was shot in a ferry queue and now we’re onto the headless horseman of Copenhagen as our chief suspect, discounting the fact that he’s dead, of course. I’m pleased we have another two episodes to see how  things pan out with that one.

The climax comes next week and I’m looking forward to seeing how many loose ends will be tied up. Will Martin sort things out or will Mette be seduced by the sleazy software rep? Will August learn that people on the internet mat not be who the claim? Will Saga learn how to be a real boy? Can’t wait.


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